If your marriage is around the corner, do not panic. You may be overwhelmed by the abundance of designer wedding dresses that are available in the market and by the planning details that you need to consider. But the key is to maintain composure and do shopping when your mind is peaceful and free. We have a few tips lined up for you to help you select the best designer wedding dress.

Love your time

It is important for you to enjoy the time that you spend on your wedding shopping. Remember to have fun, take photographs as you try new dresses and share them with friends and family members, Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai.

Maintain an open state of mind

Always be open to wear different types of gowns. Listen to what the store consultant has to say. Many brides enter a store with some ideas of what they want to wear on their wedding day and walk out of the store with something entirely different from what they initially visualized. So follow what your heart tells you to do.

Be budget friendly

You get all kinds of gowns in varying price ranges. Some may be overly priced and some may fit your desired budget. If you have liked something in the store and if it’s beyond your budget, do some research and find out a store that sells gowns at reasonable prices. There are plenty of stores that sell good quality gowns at affordable prices. All you have to do is maintain your faith and patience. You will definitely find the perfect gown.

Wear proper lingerie

You may have bought a fabulous gown. But if you do not wear proper fitting lingerie, then it is a big spoiler. Always try the lingerie too so that you get a good idea of how each gown looks on you. The right corsets and other undergarments help in making you look your best!

Keep your body in mind

Not all gown styles fit everybody. Keep your body in mind when you buy a wedding gown. A good consultant will help you to select a gown that highlights your good features and hides the not-so-good features. This way, your gown can be customized according to your body shape.


Do not forget to communicate what you feel about the gown with your consultant. You may have your own ideas. Share your ideas with your consultant, and she too may suggest ideas. So it is important to discuss with her.